• May 27, 2022

5 Must-haves in digital product road map

5 Must-haves in digital product road map

Here I share five important characteristics of the product road map for owners of digital products, using Digital Marketing Company Stafford examples from my experience that works well. Take it, tweak it to make your own, and use it consistently to keep your tactical work in line with your strategic objectives.

  1. Highlight your tactical results recently
    Vision and strategy were great, but the leader was curious digital companies often require (or thought), ‘What have you done to me [or company] lately?’ So all product roadmap you should start by repeating the recent progress you ‘for both projects tactical (which usually has four to eight week time frame) and strategic initiatives (which usually have a time frame of three to six months) ,

Here are the ‘summary of the initiative last month’ quotation of a product roadmap I’m ready for my clients.

Summary initiative in December

This is just a list of what we accomplished, and for what types of projects (strategic or tactical). And use active verbs, not the name of a common project or terms. In other words, it reads more like a resume of boring business presentations.

For each project, you have to drill down to the details for those who want them. In addition to sharing objectives and status, be sure to include the expected results of each business. Ideally, this should include ‘hard’ outcomes such as income benefits or ROI. But when these data are not available, you should at least share the results qualitatively.

Expected results

‘No one expected – and measurable -. Results, no project ‘That should be your mantra. If not now, and you work in a data-driven organization, it may be soon.

  1. Show the tactical plan one-to-two months you
    Almost every organization I work with love Agile development. Yes, some ‘real Agile’ and some just ‘talk the talk’. Regardless, your organization might want, even demand, that you push out product improvements quickly. You need to reflect this expectation in your product roadmap document.

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So, be sure to include your near-term tactical plan on your road map. And make sure you can push out repair your product at least every calendar month. This rhythm will be aligned both with a 2-3 week time frame Agile development sprint.

Below is a table that shows an example of a tactical project planned for the same client.

High -Priority tactical project

Note that this is not a feature of the project showed the update, which is not ideal. So you can deploy faster product updates, and experience fewer problems, you have to break your project down further, to the level of ‘micro -Features’:

tactical one project – a single product – one of the main features of the micro –fitur
tactical one project – a single product – one of the main features – the micro-features two
tactical one project – a single product – one of the main features – the micro-features three
Discuss all the first candidate projects with your product and the executive team, then come up with a list of the best from the micro features. Then the priority list relative to other tactical projects. Tactical might microfeature two in two projects will add more value to your customers in the near future. If that happens, it should get a higher priority.

If you need multiple templates are a starting point in your Agile organization, scrum.org provides some great examples of Agile product road map.

  1. For strategic plan three to six months you
    The core of shared product roadmaps, of course, is to share and track the progress you make your strategic Digital Marketing Companies Stafford plan. So any roadmap that you create should include a list of strategic projects that will come.

For each strategic project, estimates the potential revenue (again, going back to the ‘No results, no project’ mantra), and priorities and the level of effort. If two items have the same priority, and one has a much lower level of effort, you can probably guess which one you would choose the executive team.