• May 28, 2022



Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of getting traffic to your site through organic search engine results. For example, when you search for something online, you will enter Digital Marketing Company Newcastle a word or phrase into a search engine. So most of the good people will click on one of the three links at the top of the search list.

SEO is important for the company because it will help improve their Google rankings. SEO has two different aspects to improve search engine rankings, onpage and offpage this creature.


Onpage SEO is everything that deals in your own website, to increase your search engine rankings.

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Make sure your website is performing to the best of his ability is the first thing that is set up in your website. For this to be successful, you will need to make your website SEO audit. Well done yourself online or professionally.


For you to get a good SEO, your website should be user-friendly and design should be easy for all to read, providing a stress-free user experience (also known as UX). Therefore, the site needs to have a good sitemap to make sure your site is easy to follow. Google uses to crawl process, which takes all the information from your website, so if your website is in a convenient format, Google would prefer this to other sites, indicating the importance of a good sitemap.


When creating content for your website, make sure you use the right keywords is important for increasing your rankings and SEO. The content of the page is what makes the reader initially come to your site. Thus, the content must not only have the right keywords, but should draw your target audience to initially bring them to the website.

Internal linking

Another way to increase the SEO of a website is to link internal inputs from reliable and trustworthy sources in pages such as blogs. Therefore, connecting to / other pages dependable trustworthy is important to Google to improve their rankings because this is something that they are looking for in order to decide whether your site can be trusted or not, ultimately your site rank higher.


Make SEO-friendly URLs are important and will help with the overall optimization of your web site. This is often an overlooked factor but nevertheless one that is increasingly important. The latest ranking results indicate that having a shorter URL may have an advantage in the search results. Every time you start a new page on your Web site will have a goal, draw your audience is very important to this page. Therefore, it is important that you include keywords in your URL. The most descriptive keywords that summarize what the page is about to be inserted directly in the URL.


On-page SEO and off-page SEO have changed over the years, but the voice search is a new aspect in itself. voice search is set to affect large-scale search engine optimization and is projected to be greater than 50% of all searches in 2020. Since we can speak faster than we can type, voice search will eventually become more natural and a part of the routine of daily searches -day consumers. In terms of how this will affect SEO is because of the difference in what kind of consumers when they are looking for vs. what they say when they seek. text search is generally much shorter while the spoken search will usually be in the form of another question. Customizing your optimization Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle Strategies for voice search will be important in the future and will have to implement a potentially website debriefing approach to maximizing the search visibility.


Currently, about 55% of all Google search result contains at least one video. More than half of the results page that you see when searching on Google has at least in the video embedded in their pages.