• May 26, 2022

How does web design affects the conversion

How does web design affects the conversion

What is the relationship between digital marketing and web design
Despite popular belief, having a Digital Marketing Company Sheffield website that pleases the eye is not the highlight of one’s digital marketing efforts. It is most definitely important, but only if in cohesion with other elements. Remember, your website presents a crossroads where your search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and social media meet. It should present a united front that people will be able to understand at a glance while appreciating the simple way to attend them all.

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good web design increase your conversion rate.
The basic principles of web design how well increase conversion rates
Has a complex design prizes based web conversion but a seemingly simple approach to how the site appears to visitors online. In order to find that perfect solution and drive leads, you need to determine the visual design factors that build trust. And although there are many of them, the following seven elements have to get your focus:

1: Structure

Setup page on your web site in a way that is transparent and user-friendly it is important to design for conversion. People who come to your website to be comfortable with the overall structure of your website. Also, they should be able to easily find all the information they need about the product or service. Therefore, you always have to consider the big picture – how do you answer the original question, pointing to potential buyers to other relevant pages.

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This is where the proper website structure to come, and how you design it all can make all the difference. It will do you little good to have a simple “Product” page if users can not find the “Order Now” call to action (CTA) or section on the page. Another approach is the one that will have people jump through hoops of a complex structure, only to finally landing on “Purchase”.

You need a logical structure and to-the-point. If not, you’ll find a whole lot of people give up before making a purchase.

2: Responsiveness

  • Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach to create a web page to make good on a variety of devices and window or screen size.

If your company has an online presence a long time, then you may have heard the term thrown around a lot of response. And there is good reason for that. A website design sales increased responsiveness due to the simple fact that it is adjusted to 50% of today’s consumers who use mobile devices. Responsiveness is a ranking of the SEO factor in the eyes of search engines such as Google and Bing. However, you will still find countless websites that are not mobile-friendly.

The point here is simple. If people come to your website through their phone and they need to zoom and pinch, you’re losing conversions. You do not want to exclude such a large Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield base of potential customers. Make sure that you design your website in a way that will increase the conversion rate on mobile devices.

3: Design for mobile devices

Before you ask, has a design for mobile devices is not the same as having a responsive website. We already mentioned that more than fifty percent of the current user is mobile.