• June 29, 2022

Kayabooks: Need for Remote Accounts Payable Process in 2021


With every business trying to find remote working resources to make sure proper work process amidst the pandemic, businesses are in dire need of Remote Accounts Payable Services offered by Back Office Accounting Firms like us folks at Kayabooks.

But why do firms need Remote Accounts Payable Process and if needed how firms do manage Remote Accounts Payable Process in 2020? Today, during this blog here, we affect both topics for you. So, read on:

Accounts Payable Process: A Pillar for capital Management

A crucial function of each accounting department of a business, Accounts Payable Process takes care of the all payments related to the his products and services bought by the business for its functioning.

The Accounts Payable Process is carefully planned consistent with the, payment processing and invoice reporting needs, vendor structure by ensuring financial anomalies, fraudulent actions are easily identified and detected.

Though the small print and processes of AP may vary between the companies whole structure essentially remains the same:

Purchasing department sends the order for require services, goods or supplies, their quantities, date and other specifications to the vendors.

As the vendor delivers the goods/services/supplies, quality, quantity and other aspects of the shipment in accordance with the acquisition order are verified to get ‘Receiving Report’.

After vendor invoice is received by the AP department, it performs a 3 way-match comparing receiving report, vendor invoice and buying order to make sure the consistency of data.

After the successful bout of inspection, AP department approves the payment to the suppliers, as per the corporate guidelines through necessary channels: cheques, cash, and third-party transfer or company MasterCard payments.

Though the method is laid through strict guidelines and seems simple, therein lies the key for effective financial planning and management of the corporate . an efficient and accurate AP process can increase the capital by making strategic payments to the vendors before the deadlines while keeping the great will of the vendors and suppliers intact. By working closely with the purchasing departments Online Accounting Services in New York Payable Process plays an important role within the capital optimization to fuel business growth.

Enter COVID-19: the necessity for Remote Accounts Payable Process 2021:

The economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic remains showing its impact within the sort of economic slump that’s spread throughout the planet. The next lockdown of the companies that resulted in global supply chain disruption has further pushed the companies into oblivion especially the AP process. However the new normal has been adopted by the companies by adhering to cut measures and remote working options.

Today with less resources at hand thanks to lean manpower models, businesses are much focussed on getting more through with less at a reduced cost and time.


With businesses adoption to remote working options, the necessity for remote working resources for crucial business functions like bookkeeping and accounting is at an all-time high.

While hiring the proper accounting resources cut for the task is difficult at now of your time , it also adds extra burden on the financials since the revenues and sales have taken a severe blow within the half-moon .

However, crucial and important business functions like accounting is completely important to form sure the financial are in their pink of their health. More importantly Bookkeeping Services in New York and accounting resources are essential to receive economy relieve packages, leverage tax benefits and help in financial intelligence to bring the business back on target. All the above reasons have prompted the companies to leverage Remote Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for added benefits of affordability and adaptability.

Kayabooks: Remote Accounts Payable Process – 2021:

With the necessity for Remote Accounts Payable Process at all-time high, the primary step for any business to leverage Remote Accounts Payable Process is to automate their AP process. Manual errors, need for increased resources, time and money are a number of the issues plaguing the manual AP process and it’s time for the business to automate their AP Process.

As businesses embrace the automation of AP process consistent with their vendor structure, guidelines, invoice and payment processing it becomes tad easy to realize improved performance and efficiency at the bottom AP level. All the processes can now be performed independent of location paving how for the Remote Accounts Payable Process that assist you performs all the function a at reduced cost and improved flexibility.

Leveraging all the newest accounting tools and software Kayabooks has mastered the art of providing Remote Accounts Payable Services for all kinds of companies. Our team of experts CFS and accounting specialist will undergo your requirement diligently, plan ahead, set-up and deliver all of your Accounts Payable requirements remotely at your location of your choice. And particularly concentrate on Remote Accounts Payable Services for Restaurants and land Businesses.

Having worked with many businesses around, we’ve gained an upscale experience and expertise in providing all typed of Remote Accounting Services at a reduced cost and increased flexibility.

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