• May 27, 2022

The New Moz Link Explorer What You Need To Know

The New Moz Link Explorer What You Need To Know

We all know the importance of quality link juice. You can add SEO value to your website to make sure the page has a good number of external links to them, to raise your score domain authority. Moz Open Site Explorer has long been a reliable tool for many Digital Marketing Agencies Southampton. It clearly displays a website domain authority, page authority and the number of links it. But they have recently made some changes. Let’s technical SEO wizards provide the best low-down on the new update of Moz:

Company Links Explorer SEO Moz

Moz now includes historical data

Old tools do not show us what links have been found and which have been lost. But not now! We can now see Found and Lost Linking Domains to easily track our efforts to build relationships and show our clients how our digitalĀ  services have improved their SEO.

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It is easier to build a list of links

If you take seriously the links you build (and every SEO company should be!), You need a tool that helps. New Moz link Explorer allows you to build a list of links and a list of links to easily manage your tracking link destination. Simply add the URL you want to link to and tracker will let you know when and where your pages are connected to the target URL. Useful!

Links Companies list SEO Moz

Moz is now faster and more accurate:

The general problem with the previous link building tool is that the index is fairly limited. It also will take about one month to identify any new links that have been built. But a new, shiny Explorer link index has risen 20 times its original size! Ahrefs have 3 trillion URL in their index. Moz now has 4.7 trillion (which many URLs!). Digital Marketing Company Southampton every 24 hours to keep up-to-date on a daily basis and all the data SERP is refreshed every two weeks.