• May 25, 2022

There is no shortage of advice on eCommerce sales growing

In this post, I wanted to avoid the clear and share some more sophisticated strategy forward thinking eCommerce businesses use to gain a competitive advantage. While I do not expect all Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton of them to be relevant to everyone, I hope you’ll get at least some good ideas to take and experiment with.

So, let’s start with one of the biggest emerging trend this year; mCommerce.

1. Get out of the phone is ready for optimized mCommerce

According to IBM, in around Thanksgiving last week, 26% of all online sales referred by affiliates were made from mobile devices. Needless to say. we passed the point of becoming a trend that mobile trading will come – it’s here to stay.

While having a responsive website is a good start, optimize mobile commerce requires a more proactive approach to improving the mobile user experience of your website.


From the use of mobile payment processing is simple to test the design of your mobile checkout, mCommerce optimization is an ongoing process that will surely pay off as the adoption rate of mobile phones is increasing.

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2. Setting automation for post-purchase upsell, gather feedback, and keep customers coming back

If you run an eCommerce site and do not implement marketing automation, this may be one of the most valuable points that you read in this post.

Marketing automation tools like ActiveCampaign allows you to set the ‘order’ that can nurture, educate and upsell to customers based on their actions and behavior.

Let’s say, for example, you run an eCommerce site devoted to the bride. If a customer buys a couple of wedding invitations from your site, they can be automatically placed into the ‘pre-wedding’ email sequence that walks them through the process of planning a wedding, recommend products such as gifts and bridal shower thank you cards along the way.

In fact, one of the eCommerce site called Paper Style wedding really do this, increase their revenue by 330%.

The scope of what you can accomplish with post-purchase automation are only limited by your imagination. At Venture Harbor, we use coupons ActiveCampaign drip feed and confidence-building content to lead our eCommerce, which significantly increase our conversion rate.

Of sending personalized emails to customers twelve months after their purchase, to cross-sell related products, this is by far one of the most powerful tactics you can do to develop your eCommerce business.

3. Use Facebook Effect retargeting to reduce lost sales

Thanks to the level of segmentation, Facebook Advertising can be very effective for acquiring new customers and re-activate the old ones.

For special eCommerce sites, Facebook Effect is very effective in reducing shopping cart abandonment.

Facebook Effect works by dropping a cookie on a user’s computer when they visit a certain page on your site. If users add products to the shopping cart but did not purchase, a cookie may be dropped on their computer, signifying Facebook to display ads on their timeline to encourage them to complete their order.

In combination with the standard Facebook ads, this technique is very powerful. In a study of $ 1.2m in eCommerce sales, Nanigans found that customers who sign FB marketing Effect pond after first seeing the standard Facebook ads bought 89% more in sales Digital Marketing Company in Southampton revenue than those who enter an FB marketing Effect of other channels, such as organic or through search.