• May 27, 2022

What Is Facebook Social Media Means of data scandals rent?

What Is Facebook Social Media Means of data scandals rent

No doubt you will have heard about the scandal Facebook Data. Pictures, videos and GIFs from a little shy and nervous   has been everywhere:

But what does all this mean? Let Facebook expert agency we give you the low down:

What happened?

After extensive Digital Marketing Company Nottingham the Guardian, revealed that the British political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica have access to information of 50 million users of Facebook. Facebook creator,   quiet for 5 days before talking about the issue and plans to improve data privacy policies of Facebook. We had been assured he would follow up on this …

What’s next?

The investigation will continue into applications that have access to all the information before the changes to Facebook’s privacy settings in 2014. Facebook also reduce the amount of information to be provided to third parties. It will be limited to the username, email address and profile picture. Each application must now receive approval and complete the contract if they require further information. If you want advice about the privacy of your corporate data or GDPR, digital services contact our  team to learn more.

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What this means for social media advertising?

Some companies, including Mozilla, have pulled their Facebook ads. Many companies feel that the policy of Facebook is still not strong enough to safely protect their customer data and do not want further contact with the brand.

Source: Google Trends

A very negative consumer response can affect the total potential size of the audience on social media platforms. However, with an estimated 39 million Facebook users in the UK, and predictions for a steady increase in 2022, a decrease of 7% may be only a small drop in the ocean. We believe that social media advertising on Facebook is still one of the most effective digital channels.

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